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About Us

Here you find the cheapest jewelry in the country. We sell new goods, outlets, stocks from overproduction, 
new unsold goods, left in stock at major stores or foreign factories. 
Our offer includes the names of the most famous European fashion houses and is made of jewelery, 
children's accessories, etc. The products we sell are not older than last season (one season), 
and the stock is renewed monthly. The minimum purchase order is 12 euro from the offers displayed on 
our website. Transport is done through Fan Courier. For further details please contact us.


www. is operated by:

I.I. Ivan Viorica Gyongyi, cu sediul in Satu Mare, str. Neajlov nr. 4/10.

CUI 30916248, Nr. reg com F30/1150/2012

Cod IBAN: RO26BTRLRONCRT0228899401

Banca Transilvania -  Satu Mare

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